Brighton Wrestling Club offers a fundraising opportunity for parents.  We have a concession stand we manage at Mile High Stadium and run for all Bronco games and any other events at Mile High (see event list below).  BWC keeps 20% of the amount made from each event and the remainder is divided up by how many people volunteered at each event.  The money will be dispersed into individual family accounts and can be used for registration, traveling expenses, tournament fees, etc.  Payouts take 4-6 weeks from the date of each event.  The 20% that goes to BWC will cover gym rental fees, coaches bands at tournaments, traveling expenses and general overhead costs for the club.

VOLUNTEERS WHO ARE NO SHOWS AND/OR LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS (less than 72 hours before event check-in) WILL BE FINED $100. The club is fined $100 and the club should not and will not pay for your penalty.  Tardiness is not accepted.  We will give you a 15 minute window as we know buses and check-in are not always prompt.  Please make sure you take into consideration the time you wait for the bus and the check-in line time in order for you to arrive on time.  We keep record of when you were checked-in with Aramark and the time on BWC’s sign-in sheet and the two times should not differ much.  Late arrivals will be fined $10 each ½ hour you are late.  i.e. 1 hour tardy = $20 fine.

We will text you check-in times and parking options.  You must wear full length black pants (no denim or stretch material), black (non-slip) closed toe shoes.  You will be provided an Aramark polo and hat to wear.  You will purchase the hat for $5 the first event you work and will be responsible for the hat for all other events.  You MUST have a photo ID at check-in or they will not let you work.  If you do not sign in when you arrive we cannot release the money to your account.​

The following are not permitted by Aramark: Dangly earrings/multiple earrings, items on the wrist (i.e. bracelets, watches), Rings with stones, no nail polish or fake nails.  Long hair should be pulled up into a pony tail.  If your pony tail is still past your collar, restrict further into bun or braid.  If beards are more than 1/4" a beard guard must be worn.

​If you have any questions please contact Janelle Hruby or Eric Heinz.

Mile High Events 2019-2020

Saturday, June 8th - 

Garth Brooks

Wednesday, June 19th - 

Gold Cup Soccer

Friday, July 19th - 

Global Dance Festival 

Saturday, July 20th - 

Global Dance Festival

Saturday, August 10th - 

Rolling Stones Concert

Monday, August 19th - 

Broncos Preseason

Thursday, August 29th - 

Broncos Preseason

Sunday, September 15th - 

Broncos V Bears

Sunday, September 29th - 

Broncos V Jaguars

Sunday, October 13th - 

Broncos V Titans

Thursday, October 17th - 

Broncos V Chiefs

Sunday, November 3rd - 

Broncos V Browns

Sunday, December 1st - 

Broncos V Chargers

Sunday, December 22nd - 

Broncos V Lions

Sunday, December 29th - 

Broncos V Raiders